The Secret Stage Show #60 - Utter Nonsense

This week, The Secret Stage Show has been sponsored by Utter Nonsense, the Inappropriate Accent Game! Listen in as Zachary Davis, Jordan Carlson, Dan Fortin, and our friend Pat Jackson play two side-splitting games and try to outperform one another with hilarious accent after hilarious accent. 

Utter Nonsense contains 45 Accent Cards and 455 Phrase Cards which players combine and act out. You don’t have to be good at accents and the combinations don’t need to make sense—in fact, players are encouraged to improvise and make the phrases their own.

With each successive round, watch as your most composed, mild-mannered friends become improv masters. To buy your copy of the game, visit this page.

(We did have a hell of a time trying to record this episode for numerous reasons unrelated to the game itself, so stick it out through the closing music for some clips we managed to salvage from a previous attempt featuring Allison Dunbar)

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